Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse is a silent epidemic. Brown, Goldstein & Levy encourages everyone to break that silence and work to end that epidemic. We have extensive experience in bringing sexual abusers to justice. Many of our cases have settled for substantial but confidential recoveries, including cases of abuse by priests, professionals, and corporate executives. We have also had great success with the two cases that did not settle, winning jury verdicts of $1 million and $15 million for our clients.

Representative Cases

  • Doe v. Foltz – We represented a girl who was sexually abused by the father of one of her friends when she was 13 years old, winning a verdict of over $1 million that was recognized by the National Law Journal as one of its “Top Wins of 2000.”
  • Wenzel v. Brooke – We represented a young man who was sexually abused by a lawyer and won a jury verdict of $15 million.


Andy Freeman