Wrongful Convictions and Police Misconduct

As our client James Owens, who spent 21 years in prison for a murder he did not commit, told us, “No amount of money can give me back the time I lost.” No one can return those years, but Brown, Goldstein & Levy’s talented, dedicated, and experienced civil rights attorneys overcame a vigorous defense, showed that homicide detectives had concealed exculpatory evidence, and obtained a $9 million settlement – a measure of justice that allows Mr. Owens to move on with his life.

We have obtained substantial verdicts and settlements for numerous clients who were arrested without probable cause, assaulted by police officers, or convicted of crimes they didn’t commit based on false evidence or concealment of exculpatory evidence.

These are challenging cases, requiring specialized knowledge and experience, together with diligence and resources, to overcome the defenses that law enforcement officers invoke. We know what it takes to overcome those defenses.

Representative Cases

  • Petitions on Behalf of Clarence Shipley and Jerome Johnson – Obtained $4.4 million in no-fault compensation from the Board of Public Works (consisting of the second and third largest such awards in State history) on behalf of two men who were wrongfully convicted and imprisoned in Maryland for 27 and 30 years, respectively (2019).
  • James Owens v. Mayor and City Council of Baltimore, et al. – Obtained a $9 million settlement on behalf of a man who was wrongfully convicted and imprisoned for 21 years after Baltimore homicide detectives concealed exculpatory evidence (2018).
  • The Estate of Robert Ethan Saylor, et al. v. Regal Cinemas, Inc., et al. – Obtained a $1.9 million settlement on behalf of the parents of a young man with Down syndrome who was killed by deputy sheriffs who dragged him from a movie theater for the “crime” of wanting to watch a movie a second time without buying a second ticket (2018).
  • Leaford Walker v. Prince George’s County, et al. – Obtained a $425,000 settlement on behalf of a man who was assaulted and arrested by three Prince George’s County police officers (2017).
  • Branden Owens v. Officer 666, et al. – Won a substantial jury verdict and settlement on behalf of a man who was assaulted and wrongfully arrested in response to asking a Baltimore police officer for his badge number (2016).
  • KC v. Police Officers – Obtained a large settlement for a pregnant woman who was falsely arrested for shoplifting and beaten by a Prince George’s County police officer, causing premature birth of her child.
  • Jerome Johnson v. Baltimore Police Department – Man wrongfully imprisoned for nearly 30 years after Baltimore police suppress evidence of his innocence in order to implicate him in a murder he did not commit (2019).
  • Represent a man who was wrongfully arrested and convicted based on a gun planted by the Baltimore Police Department’s Gun Trace Task Force.
  • Umar Burley, et al. v. Baltimore Police Department, et al. – Represent two men who were wrongfully imprisoned for a combined 9.5 years because plainclothes officers of the Baltimore Police Department (some of whom later joined the Gun Trace Task Force) planted heroin in the men’s car (2019).

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