To Assure Safe and Healthful Working Conditions

to assure safe and healthful working conditionsNew approach to enforcing OSHA standards

by Brooke E. Lierman

Brooke Lierman has published an article in The Loyola University New Orleans Journal of Public Interest Law Fall 2010 edition that argues for a new approach to enforcing the country’s occupational safety and health standards given the decline in labor unions, which were traditionally partners with the federal government in enforcing these rules. She argues that, as-implemented, the OSH Act relies on labor unions in specific ways to enable workers to file claims with OSHA and to ensure that violations are remedied. She provides guidance to policy-makers looking to tailor any potential amendments to existing OSHA laws on how to account for the decline of the help provided by unions in the educating workers about and helping them to enforce health and safety laws.

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